Remote Services, Offering Support through Telehealth & Telecoaching

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Remote telehealth sessions are available via video chat or by phone.
All sessions are HIPPA-compliant to protect your comfort and privacy. 
As an alternative to in-person sessions, telehealth enables an accessible, safe, and convenient way to integrate our work together into busy schedules.
Telehealth lets you connect for your initial and follow-up session via video chat. 
Sessions are held over a secure HIPPA-compliant connection to protect your privacy.
Remote sessions are a great alternative to in-person sessions because you save on travel and time. 
Scheduling your telehealth sessions
TeleHealth Appointments are scheduled three or more days in advance.
You will receive a private invitation to link to your appointment securely. Make sure to read and sign the TeleHealth Agreement prior to your session.
Access your appointment with a camera and audio-equipped device (computer or smart device such as cell phone or tablet)
One-on-One support, quality attention, and guidance, in-person and remote

Whether we meet in-person or remotely, our process remains the same. Together, we will deep dive into your medical history, assess lifestyle factors, and address test results to develop a personalized plan that’s tailored to your unique circumstances.

Preparing for your telehealth session 
Telehealth appointments are available for scheduling three or more days in advance. 
Make sure your WiFi connection is secure and your device’s camera is working prior to the appointment start time.
Make sure your audio is not on mute.
Restart your computer and close background programs that might interfere with a session.
To prevent interruptions, set your cell phone on silent or Do Not Disturb Mode.
Getting the most from your session 
You deserve the most from each session. To ensure an on-time start, I always recommend logging on and joining the virtual waiting room a few minutes early to settle in and prepare. 
Your comfort during our time together is important. Make sure that you are in a safe, distraction-free environment so you can be fully present in the process. 
Connection disruptions or diminished quality of audio and visual can occasionally occur. Should the Telehealth connection fail during a session, the appointment will be resumed with a secure phone call. 
For your comfort, privacy, and safety 
If your privacy is interrupted and you need to pause our session, hold a hand up to signify that you want to stop. Make sure this is visible to the camera. 
Our session are entirely confidential. 
If you are uncomfortable using a video connection, telephone sessions are available. 
Telehealth cancellation policy
TeleHealth appointments are just as important as in-person sessions. Both require a specific time reserved for you. 
TeleHealth appointments are scheduled with the same cancellation policy as in-person appointments. Cancelling or rescheduling a Telehealth appointment requires 48-hour notice. If an appointment is not canceled or rescheduled within that time period, a $150 charge will be issued.