Autoimmune &
Immunity Disruption

Autoimmune & Immunity Disruption
If you are struggling with an autoimmune disorder, I can help. Taking an "Exposome medicine" approach, we will look for root-cause factors contributing to flipping your "on-switch". How long you've had an autoimmune disease and how severe it is, dictates how much influence we can have on it using lifestyle and nutritional approaches.
Getting to the Root of Inflammation

You may recognize the term inflammation and understand its part in bringing on autoimmune conditions, but it’s not always so easy to identify causes of inflammation.

We’ll work together to uncover all of the ways your diet, lifestyle, emotional stressors and environmental exposures might be causing inflammation. Together, we’ll map out a Total Reset with a 90-day plan to support you as you transition towards living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

the Right Fuel for You

Our bodies are incredible at healing themselves when we give them what they need to thrive. We just sometimes need some help getting to know them and their unique set of needs and triggers for autoimmune responses. My goal is to equip you with the knowledge and know-how to fuel your system and avoid your particular autoimmune triggers.

Getting Started
Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call. Let's chat about how I can help you gain clarity and create a plan to manage your autoimmune condition.

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