Metabolic & Heart Health

Metabolic & Heart Health
Cardio-metabolic diseases are among the leading causes of illness and death worldwide. It’s estimated that one in every two adult Americans has a cardio-metabolic condition.

If your physician has diagnosed you with a cardio-metabolic condition, the earlier you take action, the greater the positive impact on both your quality of life and longevity.
CardioMetabolic Conditions
I Can Help You Tackle

Hypertension insulin resistance hyperglycemia or high blood sugar dyslipidemia abnormal blood lipids like LDL, Cholesterol & Triglycerides Liver steatosis and Non-alcoholic fatty liver abdominal adiposity metabolic syndrome

A FirstLineTherapy Approach

As a certified FirstLineTherapy Practitioner, I have completed special training in therapeutic lifestyle approaches to support individuals with cardio-metabolic imbalances.

I’m here to guide and support you as you make the key lifestyle changes to improve your cardiometabolic health. Together, we will address diet, microbiome health, sleep habits, stress management. Through intentional meal planning and habit building, you can achieve improved blood sugar, pressure, and lipid balance and reset your heart health.

Getting Started
Schedule a free 20-minute exploratory call. Let's review how the Total Reset 90-day plan can help you reverse, halt or slow autoimmune disease.