Emotional Health for Vitality
Digestive Support
Chronic stress takes its toll on every system of the body. When we are anxious and overwhelmed, our resilience is compromised and has a detrimental effect on our digestive, cardiometabolic, and even hormonal health.
How Chronic Stress
Impacts Our Health

Living with chronic stress affects far more than our emotional state. Emotional well-being is one of the largest determining factors in our overall physical health. Because chronic stress also overstimulates glands such as our hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenals, it leads to a host of digestive and hormonally related conditions.

Some common signs of chronic stress include: systemic inflammation, lowered immunity, sleep disturbances, digestive issues like IBS, hair loss, decreased sex drive, poor concentration, memory issues, and weight gain.

Recovering from Stress

Nutrition for Wellness's 12-week SOS Stress Recovery Program walks you through rebalancing, rebuilding, and restoring your sense of agency and resilience.

You will be able to identify the core pillars of a strategy that combats your chronic stress and address inflammation, glycemic control, quality of sleep, and lifestyle. You’ll come away with the right tools to maintain a balanced, centered, and strong sense of self.

Getting Started
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