Cancer Prevention &
Post Treatment Support
Cancer Prevention & Post Treatment Support
There’s no part in the cancer journey that isn’t terrifying. I understand from firsthand experience what it’s like to face a cancer diagnosis. I also know that even when you’re at the healing stage, it still takes time to move forward from fear and anxiety.
“As a young adult, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I get it: disbelief, fear, anger, and confusion, then resolve. I'll bring my compassion to help you build and implement a proactive anti-cancer plan to best support not just your ability to survive but to thrive.”
Prevention in the First Place

Because over 90 percent of cancers are rooted in lifestyle and environmental factors, we can take a proactive approach to prevention just by making simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. Your genetic predisposition and environmental exposures don’t have the final say in your health.

Rebuilding After Treatment

I know personally how cancer treatment can sometimes be as devastating as the illness itself. Whether you’re coming off chemotherapy or several years cancer-free, I’m here to support you as you rebuild from the ground up. Together, we’ll create a targeted fueling plan alongside a supplement protocol to bridge any nutritional gaps.

You'll get clear and actionable steps, deep support, and inspiration so you feel empowered by having everything you need to successfully rebuild your health ecosystem.

Getting Started
Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call to discuss how I can help support you as you navigate your diagnosis and recovery plan.

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